“Ninety Percent of Millionaires Become so Through Real Estate….”

~ Andrew Carnegie


Pathway to Financial Literacy, Freedom, Wealth and a Lasting Legacy.

Have You Ever Considered Investing In Real Estate?


Local and ACTIVE real-estate investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to support, assist and collaborate with each other in achieving our financial goals.


Providing opportunities for entrepreneurship to achieve financial freedom, financial literacy, create wealth and a legacy of abundance through real estate.


To be a part of a community dedicated to service and family, utilizing proven systems to gain and expand knowledge with opportunities to win and have success in life.

We Don’t Just Teach Real Estate Investing, We Create Real Estate Investors…


This Is What We Do,

& How We Do It

Essential strategies that allow you to keep you wealth while eliminating debt.

Grow wealth with a learning path designed to help you master specific investment strategies such as:

  • Wholesaling
  • Buy & Hold
  • Subject to
  • Probate
  • Notes
  • Tax Liens
  • Commercial & Multi-Family

Teresa Moreno

Live a Life by Design,

Not by Default!

Go to school and get good grades to get a good job and get good pay is what we’ve been taught. This is how a life by default begins.

We are disrupting the financial norms and ideologies by providing financial literacy and freedom to create and live a life by design.

Start now and discover how your biggest asset and greatest return on investment is in yourself.

Krystel & Earle Dourdera

I did as I was told – went to college, got good grades and got a job. I also worked long hours and had low pay. I was irritated because I wasn’t able to spend time with my husband. 
I found this community and started learning about buying properties using little to none of my own money, and have since acquired 10 rentals doors that pay us passive income.I started implementing the tax reduction strategies and will have our house paid off in less than 6 years instead of 30 years. 
Now we live a life where we get to travel and create financial and time freedom. 

Nate Lambert

As a college professor I was making less than 50k. I was frustrated with my finances and broke. 

I found this team and started learning and implementing the systems and within a year I quit my job. I’ve completed over 40 projects including fix and flips, and have learned to raise all the money to complete my projects. 
Now, I get travel the world and enjoy time with my kids and wife.  I’ve also been able to pursue my philanthropic endeavors and give back to communities while building teams and showing others how they too can live a life they love. 


Steve Nomura

Began his real estate investing education in 2011. English is his second language; he studied with a laptop and his  dictionary to understand all the terms.
Managing Japanese restaurant before
Now he has closed over 180 deals including rehabs and fix and flips and has over 50 rentals generating passive income.


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